Covid-19 Update


For the safety and protection of you and our community, we have put in place additional hygiene and social distancing practices. 


As united members of the community, we want to openly share the additional measures we are taking to protect our customers and our people in this uncertain times. 

  • We have implemented vigilant cleaning protocols to minimise contaminants in the factories where our products are made, our distribution centers, our stores and our company workplaces
  • Every day, our stores are undergoing a deep cleaning process with special attention to frequently touched surfaces. Every piece of technology, from our eye care equipment to our associates iPads, registers and digital screens are being thoroughly cleaned. All shelves, trays, light switches and doorknobs are cleaned multiple times a day. 



To ensure we are doing everything we possibly can, we have also enlisted an Emergency Response Team to continually evaluate and respond, in real time, to the evolving situation. Our proactive approach incorporates the guidance of WHO (World Health Organisation) and relevant health authorities.


Your safety is is our number one priority, so we have have requested that if any team member feels unwell they should remain at home and we encourage our customers to do the same. In the best interest of the community, when you are booking an eye exam, our team members will ask additional pre-screening questions to ensure you don't pose a risk. 


We are always here to help and are happy to answer all your questions. Please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Care Team on Customercare@laubmanandpank.com.au 


What safety measures have you put in place for your stores?

We have put in place additional measures we are taking to protect our customers, our people and the community in our Laubman & Pank stores. We’ve implemented vigilant cleaning protocols to minimise contaminants in the factories where our products are made, our distribution centres, our stores and our company workplaces.
Every day, our stores are undergoing a deep cleaning process with special attention to frequently touched surfaces. Every piece of technology, from our eyecare equipment to our associates’ iPads to registers to digital screens, is being thoroughly cleaned. All shelves, trays, light switches and doorknobs are cleaned multiple times a day.

What if I have booked an eye test?

If you have booked an eye test, we kindly ask you to re-consider if you can delay visiting us. Please give your local store a call to discuss your options. We anticipate continuing to be available for emergency and acute eyecare, and the eyecare needs of essential services workers. However, this is a constantly evolving situation and we will adhere to any government announcements and directives.

Will you be updating store details online?

We will update our website with any changes to our store trading hours. To find the latest store trading hours, visit the store locator or call your nearest Laubman & Pank store.

I am due to collect glasses from your store, what measures do you have in place so I can do this safely and pay my outstanding balance?

In all our stores we have vigorous cleaning and physical distancing protocols for your safety and the safety of our people. This includes maintaining the required safe space, sanitizing hands before any customer interaction, use of frame trays for handling products.

Can stores deliver these to our homes? How can we receive our product, scans and prescriptions?

Please call your local Laubman & Pank store and our team can arrange for your glasses to be sent to you. If you cannot visit a store and would like a copy of your prescription, please contact our Customer Care  team and they will be able to assist.

Are contact lenses safe to wear in the current environment?

It is safe to continue to wear your contact lenses during the COVID-19 pandemic, as long as you are in good general health. Before handling contact lenses, including touching your eye, it is important to practise good personal hygiene, washing hands with soap and running water. If soap and water are not available, the best alternative is to use a 60% alcohol hand sanitiser. Our Optometrists recommend extra attention should be given to the tips of your fingers and thumbs when touching your contact lenses.

Should I wear contact lenses if I have flu like symptoms?

Any persons experiencing cold and flu or COVID-19 symptoms should refrain from wearing contact lenses until at least 24 hours after their symptoms have ceased. If you are unwell there is a risk of microorganisms spreading to your contact lenses. You may also have a reduced immune response while fighting an infection and this may increase the risk of contact lens related inflammation.

Is there another essential service we can get glasses completed through? I need these urgently.

If you are not able to visit your local Laubman & Pank store, we do offer Tele-optometry services and also offer delivery services direct to your home. All our practices that remain open are adhering to stringent hygiene protocols and social distancing practises. 

My glasses don't seem right, how can I get you to look at these and fix them if we are required to self-isolate?

If you are required to self-isolate then you should adhere to those guidelines set out by the government and stay away from Optometry and optical outlets until self isolation has expired.

If your repair is urgent, we can offer a Tele-dispensing consultation with one of our frame & lens experts to understand what is troubling you. Alternatively, if you have a friend or family member not under self isolation (who you can give the glasses to in a contactless manner) whom can bring your glasses in to one of our available stores for checking, then we can verify them against the prescription on file, and/or perform minor repairs.

I am having issues with my glasses but am 65 years old and have been directed by my doctor to not be out in public. Can I send my frame to the store or can you collect this to fix?

If your doctor has directed you to remain at home, we need to respect the advice provided. Please call the store where you purchased your glasses, our team will try to find a solution for you over the phone.
If the glasses can be safely given, in a contactless manner, to a family member or a friend (not required to self-isolate) to bring to an Laubman & Pank store, we may be able to perform minor repairs based on the prescription we have on file.

As some of your products are shipped from China, how safe is this and what quarantine measures have you put in place before receiving in Australia?

We’ve implemented vigorous cleaning protocols to minimise contaminants in the factories where our products are made, our distribution centres, our stores and our company workplaces. 

Should I order more contacts if advised to self-isolate? Will you run out of stock?

Laubman & Pank do not foresee any issues with our supply of contact lenses, however it is a good idea to have around 3 month’s supply.

I need a copy of my receipt in order to make a health fund claim? Can you send this to me?

For all in-store purchases, you can contact your local Laubman & Pank store and our team can either print or email you a copy of your receipt.

Will you be extending your warranty policies if we're in isolation?

We will extend our warranty by the period of time we are closed, for example if our stores are closed for two months, our 24 month warranty will be extended to 26 months. Please be aware that your rights and remedies under Australian Consumer Law continue to apply.

Are you providing financial measures for your customers who may have lost their job or having difficulty paying their monthly payments?

We understand this may be a difficult time and want to assist wherever possible. If you are experiencing financial hardship, our AfterPay partners will assess your situation and may be able to assist. Please contact AfterPay directly 1300 100 729

With the current situation can we refund gift cards?

Unfortunately, our gift card program is managed by a third party and as such we are unable to offer refunds on gift card purchases (as stated in our gift card terms and conditions on the back of the card). Gift cards are valid for 3 years, if you have any questions please contact Customer Care.