Lens Extras

Anti-Reflective Coatings

Anti-reflective coating reduces glare and reflections it actually improves the clarity of the lens and makes cleaning a breeze. The coating also:

Reduces scratches, so you don't need to clean your lenses as often.

Helps repel dust particles through its anti-static properties.

Means water droplets slide off the lens more easily.

Invisibles® Blue

Our premium coating, Invisibles® Blue filters blue light for the wearer helping to support reduced exposure of harmful blue light from the sun and digital devices. It has the great benefits of UV protection including back surface UV protection that reduces UV rays hitting the wearers eyes off the back surface.

Invisibles® UV

An innovative anti-reflective coating that reduces reflections by up to 80% by reducing UV rays passing through the surfaces of the lens but also reflecting off the back surface of your lens, leaving your eyes protected. It also resists dirt, water and smudges for all-round clearer vision.

Invisibles Ultra®

A special lens coating that resists dirt, water and smudges, it reduces reflection by up to 80% and repels water droplets for all-round better vision.