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Lenses for Work

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Lenses for Work

Eyes at Work

A design in prescription lenses that allows the wearer to view all working distances, within a conventional working distance, or small environment.

Extended Desk

Ideal for users of technology such as computers, tablets and smart phones who need both near focus (for screen work) and intermediate focus (for distances of 1.0 or 1.5 metres).


These single-vision lenses help relieve visual fatigue symptoms such as eyes that sting and feel tight, headaches, eyestrain and blurred vision while engaging in near range tasks. Comes optional with Invisibles® Blue Anti-Reflection coating designed to help reduce the symptoms of digital device.

Office All-Rounder

The Office All-Rounder has been designed with the needs of computer users in mind for the office environment. With a larger intermediate vision zone, this lens is best suited to those people needing an extended intermediate lens to use on digital devices up to 2m and has a small distance area to see projector screens or use their glasses walking around the office. This lens is not suitable for driving.

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